Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Last Friday's Annual Meeting and Election FANTASTIC!

Approximately 40 WSBA International Practice Section (IPS) members and guests boarded The Seeker of Anchor Bay Charters for a 3-hour tour. Yes, you read correctly: a 3-hour tour (fear not if you hear the theme song to Gilligan's Island - we all seem to).

The view from the boat. Photograph by Jacqueline Pruner

The evening was absolutely perfect - great weather, fabulous food from Mangetout Catering, chilled beverages, and both stimulating and entertaining conversation.

The catered spread. Photograph by Jacqueline Pruner

We held our annual meeting which elected our new Executive Committee (EC) for 2009-2010: Jacqueline Pruner as Chair, Glen Yaguchi as both Chair Elect and Treasurer, and Gilberto Alonso Gomez Arce as Secretary. We also welcomed three new IPS members to our EC: Anamaria Turlea, Max Yoshimura, and Alvaro Alvarez, who were also elected to Executive Committee positions #1, #2, and #5, respectively. Bernel Goldberg was thanked for his wonderful leadership and insight as Chair for the 2008-2009 year and will now serve as Ex-Officio in 2009-2010. Randy Aliment, Charles Rendina, and Shahzad Qamer Qadri remain on the EC in Positions #3, #4, and #6, respectively.

Thanks to everyone who joined us and we hope to see you next year!